Urgewald's Major Successes


  • Published Rainforest Memorandum – documented Germany’s role in rainforest destruction and moved over 1,200 municipalities in Germany to stop using tropical timber in municipal building projects.


  • Urgewald founder Heffa Schuecking won Goldman Environmental Prize.


  • Prevented fundings for Maheshwar Dam and resettlement of 50,000 people in India.


  • Stopped 15 international banks in a months-long campaign from financing nuclear power plant Belene in Bulgarian earthquake region. These included Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and UniCredit.


  • Kept mining giant Vedanta from setting up poisonous bauxite mine in Niyamgiri, India.


  • Shamed Deutsche Bank into investment stop for cluster bombs.


  • Achieved final stop to nuclear plant Belene, Bulgaria, by convincing last big financier, German energy giant RWE (2009), and finally also government of Bulgaria to bury the project.


  • Convinced Norway’s sovereign pension fund, one of the biggest worldwide, to divest from major coal holdings
  • Persuaded Allianz, the world’s no. 2 insurance company, to divest from coal holdings.


  • Convinced Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, no. 1 and 2 in Germany, to blacklist all major mountaintop removal mining companies.


  • Pushed Bayerische Landesbank, state-owned bank of Bavaria, to cancel further funding for highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in the USA.   
  • Published Global Coal Exit List, a database on the global coal industry, during UN climate summit in Bonn. This List is the 1st comprehensive coal divestment tool worldwide for investors, banks and insurance companies.
  • Persuaded French company AXA, world’s 3rd biggest insurance company, to use Global Coal Exit List for its new climate strategy. AXA’s coal divestment came to EUR 2.4 billion.


  • Convinced Italian insurance group Generali to use Urgewald’s Global Coal Exit List for divestment. Generali reduced coal investments by EUR 2 billion.  
  • Urgewald founder Heffa Schuecking was granted Henry Arnhold Fellowship from US foundation Mulago.
  • Convinced Allianz, today the world’s biggest insurance company by assets, to no longer provide insurance for coal power plants or coal mines and to strengthen its coal divestment.
  • Pushed Munich Re, the world's second largest reinsurer, to announce cuts in its coal insurance business for the first time.
  • Convinced Generali to use Urgewald’s coal research also for excluding companies from insurance business.


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