AES Corporation

Despite talk of embracing renewables, only 32% of the power AES generates comes from renewables whereas over a third is generated from coal. AES gained notoriety for its 12-storey high pile of dangerous coal ash next to its coal plant in Puerto Rico. They dumped it there without adequate safeguards, exposing local communities to major public-health hazards. When Hurricane Maria hit the country in 2017, the coal ash went everywhere. The communities close to the coal plant are suffering from a cancer epidemic as well as respiratory diseases associated with the toxic chemicals found in coal ash. Studies commissioned by AES have further revealed that because the plant has not been equipped with protective barriers, the toxic residues of the plant have leached into the soil and contaminated groundwater with toxins. AES is responsible for similar catastrophes also in Chile, the US and other countries. It receives finance from Barclays through underwriting bonds as well as direct loans.