29. April 2016


Moritz Schröder




Asian Development Bank – Annual Meeting in Frankfurt - Media Briefing

From 2nd until 5th of May the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will hold its annual meeting in Frankfurt. In cooperation with numerous international NGOs, the German human rights organization urgewald will use this massive gathering of international government and banking officials to highlight how ADB-funded projects contribute to impoverishment and environmental degradation. Key-problems are the lack of implementation of the ADB’s environmental and social standards and inadequate consultation processes with affected communities. During the ADB annual meeting, we will highlight several specific cases to illustrate serious shortcomings of the ADB and its sister multilateral development banks. These all too often lead to human rights violations, the funding of climate damaging fossil projects, or of hydroelectric dam projects that forcibly displace countless communities and destroy livelihoods.

Overview of selected activities in Frankfurt:

May 2nd

protest action on ADB’s failed projects

10.00 - 11.30 am (during the President’s press conference) Festhalle Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
protest call: https://www.urgewald.org/einladungstext-protest-frankfurt

May 3rd

media lunch break: insights on ADB’s projects & policies
1.00 – 2.30 pm
Saalbau Gallus, Frankenallee 111, seminar room 4 within walking distance of the venue; we will serve soup & drinks
livestream via: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/qEye244mFmC

moderation: urgewald
1) challenges of ADB’s Safeguard policies (Rayyan Hassan, NGO Forum on ADB, Philippines)
2) ADB’s Cambodia Railway Project: lessons learned? (Eang Vuthy, Equitable Cambodia, accompanied by affected person)
3) New report on Indonesian Infrastructure Finance (Stephanie Fried, Ulu Foundation, USA)

May 4th

Official event with Dr. Korinna Horta (urgewald)
“Lessons Learned in Implementing ADB’s Accountability Mechanism”
1.30 – 2.30 pm, at the venue (Messe Frankfurt)

May 3rd-6th

Banking for Development? ADB and civil society resistance
lecture, panel discussion & workshop at Frankfurt University
programme: https://www.urgewald.org/banking-development

Contact for general media inquiries:

Moritz Schröder, media coordinator, urgewald (Germany) +49 176 64079965, moritz@urgewald.org

Contacts for interviews & background talks:

Dr. Korinna Horta, expert on multilateral development banks, urgewald +351 96 3920759, korinna@urgewald.org

Knud Vöcking, expert on multilateral development banks, urgewald +49 171 2832408, knud@urgewald.org

Christina Beberdick, campaigner on multilateral development banks, urgewald +49 157 52899986 , christina@urgewald.org

Rayyan Hassan, Executive Director NGO Forum on ADB (Philippines) +63 292 14412, rayyan@forum-adb.org

Dr. Stephanie Fried, expert on safeguards policies & international financial institutions, Executive Director Ulu Foundation (USA) +1 202 5590722, stephf99@gmail.com

Vuthy Eang, Advocate for Land and Housing Rights, Executive Director Equitable Cambodia +49 177 1899944, vuthy@equitablecambodia.org

Ana Mae Buenaventura, expert on the energy situation in Asia, Vice President of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (Philippines) & Deputy Coordinator Asian Peoples' Movement on Debt and Development +63 917 5608096, mae.buenaventura@gmail.com

Gerry Arances, coordinator International Coal Network ICN (Philippines) +63 932 8778578, gerry.arances@gmail.com

Background information:

Fact Sheet: “Black future for Mongolia - financed by the ADB” (urgewald, 2016) https://www.urgewald.org/black-future-mongolia-financed-adb

Fact Sheet: “Dispelling the Myth - The ADB & Nam Theun 2” (International Rivers, urgewald, 2016) https://www.urgewald.org/dispelling-myths-adb-and-nam-theun-2

Fact Sheet: “The Southern Gas Corridor – Heavy public support for a questionable project” (urgewald, 2016) https://www.urgewald.org/southern-gas-corridor-heavy-public-support

Study: “Nenskra hydropower plant, Georgia” (CEE Bankwatch, 2016) https://www.urgewald.org/nenskra-hydropower-plant-georgia

Study: “Derailed – A Study on the Resettlement Process and Impacts of the Rehabilitation of the Cambodian Railway” (Bridges Across Borders Cambodia, 2012) http://www.equitablecambodia.org/website/admin/upload/media/derailed.pdf

Analysis: “The World Bank Safeguards Review: The Implications of the ADB’s Review of Safeguard Policy Implementation and the Importance of Upward Harmonization” (Ulu Foundation, February 2015) https://consultations.worldbank.org/Data/hub/files/ulu_fnd_wb_safeguards...

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